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This past week I had the opportunity to watch the encounter online, which was truly an encounter! God was moving so swiftly into the lens, through the cables, across signals, onto my laptop and into my heart. Thank you to the devoted camera crew always moving forward, with ideas and innovation, to bring the Word of God to those watching online.

Andy Bayne

I have been a Christian for many years, and have been to many churches; however, Calvary is truly spirit-led and spirit filled!!! I feel the amazing love and oneness that is in this church!! It isn’t just a church. God is changing lives and Christians like myself are seeing and feeling the presence of our savior in this church body!! Thank you and Denise for listening and responding to His call!! I tell all my friends about this church and the hope it gives to all who enter!! Praise His Name!! And P.S.: The worship led by Jason is amazing! The Holy Spirit is evident in him as he leads! He is a JOY to hear and see each week! God Bless you all and your tireless work you put in for Him and his people every day!!!

Kim Czaplewski

When my husband and I were grocery shopping at Hy-Vee at 178th & Wright (near Q Street) this Wednesday night, two young men approached us asked if they could pray for us. It was so awesome. They were strong in their faith and wanted to show the love of God to others. They prayed for us first then continued to pray for our family, too. It was so moving; they definitely made our day. We were so proud of them; they were unafraid to open their hearts to us and share the gospel; you could read their devotion on their faces.

We weren’t wild about grocery shopping that night … but they sure changed our tune when they stopped to pray. AMAZING!

Hi Pastor Todd!
I just have to tell you I moved to Omaha from Kansas City in August of 2014.  I had tried about five other churches before I found Calvary and my first Sunday with you was the day you started Exodus.  I’ve gone to church my entire life and was baptized when I was 9.  I come from a very Christian household and have always felt to be very strong in my faith.  But I always felt like I wasn’t living up to what I claimed.  As soon as I started coming to Calvary all of that changed.  For the first time in my life, someone was teaching me how to read the Bible.  I shamefully haven’t ever read the Bible cover to cover, and usually ministers and Sunday school teachers just teach a story and throw in a few scriptures that go along with their message.  YOU taught me how to read the Bible and for the first time in my life I feel closer to God than I ever have been before!  And it’s because of Calvary and the way you teach.

I just wanted you to know that yesterday’s message really hit home to me, and if I had not already given my life over to Christ, I would have yesterday. I love that you stand up there in front to ALL of us and confess your sins. You are a real inspiration, and I love the transparency you provide. So thank you for not only putting yourself out there but for also applying the lessons to life. You make church fun and a place I want to be! Keep up the good work. God bless.

Hey Todd! I am so excited to hear back from you! And I am so happy you remember who we are! LOL
So basically, ever since we visited your church, Jeremiah and I follow along with your sermons. We are actually in the middle of the Pentateuch in a Year series. It is so great!

I have been listening to some stuff on my own and just kind of picking and choosing from the sermons on the website. A couple weeks ago I watched the sermon titled “Don’t Miss the Party!” (Revelation 19:1-9) and God really spoke to me through it. I have been doing some pretty crazy stuff lately for God so of course what he asked of me this time, wasn’t too much of a surprise.

I watched the sermon and felt moved. I had never celebrated the fact that I had been saved. Granted, I have yet to be baptized; however, the fact that I and so many others have been saved was totally something to celebrate. You were SO RIGHT! As I took my notes and listened, I prayed. It was after that sermon that I wrote out an invitation with the party title being “A Celebration of Salvation” with Psalm 24:4-5 underneath. In the description, I explained what inspired me to throw it and I even posted your sermon link.
We celebrated Jesus and all He is. We had some good, clean, holy fun. We went on a walk, took in the beautiful fall colors, cooked up a huge meal together, and then worshipped as a group to end the night. It was simply amazing.

All in all, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your sermons. Thank you for making them so I can understand them and for inspiring me to do things for God. God is SO GOOD. I pray for you and your church every week. I can’t wait to visit again, hopefully some time next summer. Feel free to share the story with the church. I sent it hoping you would share God’s amazing power and grace from across the country.



I just want to pass on to you how moved I was by you and your message during yesterday’s service. I felt God speaking to me through you and can’t quite explain the feelings that came over me. We hadn’t been to a service in-person for quite some time and had been watching the podcasts online, instead, until two weekends ago on Easter Sunday. Within five minutes of the band playing I was in tears (a common theme for me during your services). My boyfriend looked at me afterwards and said “We really need to come every week.” And he was so right. My boyfriend is a very strong Christian (especially in the past few months, he has grown a vast amount in his faith) and by the grace of God he has been so extremely patient with me–never pushing me into something I wasn’t seeking out on my own. Last weekend, I left church and told him ” I need to go up there (referring to your invite at the end of each service).” But, there was this fear in me– I didn’t know if I was ready or “cut out” to be a “full blown Christian”…like my entire being would need to change dramatically or something. Yesterday you spoke of fears and your fears are actually your “Calling” and then you had this moment at the end where you waited and once again, invited more people to the stage. I knew that was my time–I was being called upon! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know it’s time for me to FINALLY grow.

I am so incredibly grateful that the doctor I was working for recommended Calvary Chapel. I was raised by an amazing father, but he never instilled strong Christian-based values in me, and speaking the Word throughout my childhood was extremely rare. Since I began college, my eyes were opened more and more to God through athletics and FCA, but I have struggled to find a consistent connection to worship and my growth with God has been slow.

I’m so excited for what is to come and just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out to me during yesterday’s service. I’m pretty nervous and don’t really know how to go about this. But, my boyfriend always tells me just take baby steps–begin by reading the Bible each day and praying–which Denise also mentioned! I am very interested in possibly getting involved in some sort of Bible study/group talk for beginners–if there is such a thing haha!

Thank you again!

God showed me how faithful He is back in July. I had a very troubled marriage at that time and depended on my husband’s love over God’s. On the brink of divorce, I pressed into Jesus. He revealed all my sins and I confessed and repented as my eyes fell upon His word. Daily, I was reminded of His love and faithfulness. It changed my heart over 3-4 days while separated from my husband. God reminded me only He can transform hearts. I need to step back, press into Him, and let Him do the work in my marriage that only He can. My husband returned home on day 5, repented, and now we have Christ as our center. Reading and praying as a couple, we are more united than ever before. While things aren’t perfect, they are easier. And it’s all because of Jesus. Stay encouraged and press into Him.

Walking away from God for a few months, I started doing life my own way and giving into temptations of the world, thinking that I was sheltering myself living life to please God. Exhausted, alone, and frustrated, I asked God to show me where he wanted me and if he even cared. Laying in my bed crying, I received a text asking me to come to the women’s retreat this weekend. Even though I chose not to listen to God, he never stopped caring about me. That very moment, he showed me that he will never leave me nor forsake me.